Beautiful Illustrations, Exciting Stories, and Classic Tales

Beautiful Illustrations, Exciting Stories, and Classic Tales

Beautiful illustrations, exciting stories, and classic tales from both new and familiar award-winning authors and illustrators are at the heart of the bold, new titles from Reycraft Books.

These authors and illustrators represent a vast tapestry of cultures, lifestyles, and experiences, and they share their unique voices and visions through their craft. They enrich children’s literature with their talents, opening new horizons to readers with their thoughtful and enlightening perspectives.

Engaging, exquisitely illustrated books, sometimes funny, sometimes touching, captivate young readers as they see themselves portrayed in print. These are books they will want to read again and again—providing them with mirrors, windows, and sliding doors to the world.


Abuelita's Secret

A boy dreads having to tell about himself on the first day of school because he thinks he has nothing special to share. But when he opens his backpack, objects hidden by his family tumble out. These trigger memories that cause him to realize he really does have something unique to say.


With the fall of the Qin Empire, the Chu and Han Kingdoms—and their illustrious warlords—are battling for control of all of China. Who will win? And at what cost?


A spider tries to dazzle his caterpillar friend with his web-filled magic tricks. But it’s the caterpillar with the biggest trick of all!

Ant in a Book

Follow an ant’s journey as he accidentally gets flattened between the pages of a book and becomes one of the characters in a story that keeps changing!

A Bicycle in Beijing

Life in a Beijing hutong changes for a boy when his dad buys a shiny new bike. Will one careless day racing around the neighborhood ruin everything?

Black Cat, Yellow Bunny

This nearly wordless book shows the slowly developing friendship between a cat and a bunny who meet on a chance encounter in the park.

Bahar, the Lucky

SLJ Starred Review

Bahar, who sells rugs at the local bazaar, needs to earn more money to help her family. She turns to fortune telling with surprising results.

Crow Brothers

This flip book features two humorous tales of responsibility and trust. In the first tale, two crow brothers discover a hole that they think the other will fix. In the second tale, a hungry fox and monkey join together to get food when one suddenly gets greedy.

Dear Abuelo

Through letters to her grandfather in Mexico, Juana details her move to New York, her first days of school, and her new friendship with a classmate who speaks both Spanish and English.

Dragon's Hometown

A girl longs to return to her island homeland in China to search for dragons. When she travels back with her family to celebrate Chinese New Year, her dream comes true.

The Elephant That Ate the Night

The baby animals in the Black Mushroom Forest are afraid of the dark. Then a special elephant arrives. Can he help them overcome their nighttime fears?

Happy Little Sun

Little Sun enjoys winning games against peacock and rabbit and boasting about it. But when Shade challenges him to a game of hide-and-seek, has he met his match?

I Am Hua Mulan

A girl retells the story of the legendary female warrior she admires, who disguised herself and fought bravely to protect her people.

It's Okay

A little boy and his mother draw together, turning his mistakes into marvelous pictures. But what happens when his mother makes a mistake? What will that become?

Jujube and Willow

Willow teases Jujube for not having leaves at the beginning of spring, and then Jujube begins to blossom in ways that Willow couldn’t imagine.

Little Koko Bear and His Socks

This bear loves one thing—socks! That’s until they all disappear.

The Legend of Coqui

Long ago, in Puerto Rico, all the animals did was eat, sleep, and snack. The parrot, queen of the forest, grew worried and challenged them all to a race. Will they participate and who will win?

The Little Box

Mariana, nervous for her first day of school, gets a little box from her papa to comfort her. He tells her to open it whenever she absolutely, positively, really, really needs it. But will she?

Little Frog's Big Mouth

When someone makes fun of Frog’s large mouth, he decides to have it made smaller. But will that solve his problem, or create new ones?

Little Bunny's Balloon

Little Bunny thinks everyone has forgotten his birthday. Saddened, he notices a balloon floating by and begins chasing it. Along the way he discovers friends and a big surprise.

Let's Swap for a Day


A girl and her dog decide to swap places for the day. She stays at home and he goes to school. Everything goes well, until . . .

The Lost Kitten

A little girl discovers a lost kitten and searches for its owner, hoping instead that she will get to make the kitten her own.

A Lovely Journey

As a little girl walks through the forest in search of what makes good friends, she finds something even better. Friends!

Magic Mirror: The Traveler's Tale

Young adventurers Miranda and Marko travel to the past to join Marco Polo on his desert search for the secrets held by one of Genghis Khan’s descendants.

My Big Family

When mama asks Alex, “How would you like it if our family were bigger?” he has no idea what’s about to happen. One by one, his grandma, aunt, and cousins come to visit, but how many can fit before there’s no more room?

Max on the Farm (Max and Friends Book 3)


Max and Teresa, one of his best friends, wind up having more fun (and a little trouble) than they bargained for on a class fieldtrip to a farm.

Magic Mirror: The Visionary Voyage

Young adventurers Miranda and Marko travel to the past to join Admiral Zheng He as he fights a group of dangerous pirates.

The Magic of Ooh La La

A boy in the magical kingdom of Ooh La La is not happy with just imagining the things he wants. The king allows him to go to Earth for three days in search of what will truly make him happy.

Max and Friends: Call Me Max

Starting school brings more than one change for Max. Meeting new friends and choosing a new name help Max reveal his identity as a trans boy.

Max and Friends: Max and the Talent Show

Max helps Stephen, one of his best friends and a great storyteller, prepare for and perform in the school’s talent show.

The Orange Horse

In this international best seller, an orange horse looks for his long-lost brother, using one half of an old photo as a clue.

A Pouch for Pocket

A little kangaroo named Pocket wonders what her pouch is for and discovers it is made for someone special—like her.

The Powwow Mystery: The Powwow Thief

Twins Jamie and Marie Longbow attempt to solve the mystery of their grandmother's missing necklace at a summer powwow.

The Powwow Dog (The Powwow Mystery Series Book 2)

Jamie and Marie Longbow think there is something (or someone) in a house that was abandoned long ago. Four local kids tell Jamie and Marie the place is haunted.

The Radish Is Back

A radish is passed from one hungry friend to the next only to end up back where it started.


Readers visit a farm in China to learn more about a hard-working rice farmer’s life and the importance of this crop to the Chinese people.

Spotted Tail

This biography of Spotted Tail traces the life of the famous Lakota leader who expertly guided his people through a pivotal and tumultuous time in their nation’s history.

Sweet Laba Congee

It’s time for the Laba congee festival! Yan’er is excited to help her grandmother prepare the Laba congee. After a long day of preparing and delivering the meal to villagers, will Yan’er get to sit with her family and enjoy the tasty meal?

Six Short Sons

Six sons go out into the world to make a living. When they return home, they all have stories about the kinds of jobs they found. Their parents are overjoyed and impressed with all of them, but one son is the most creative of all.

Tales of the Mighty Code Talkers

This graphic collection portrays the experiences of several Native American code talkers during World War I.

A Tour of Hong Kong

Two children explore the bustling urban center of Hong Kong in this wordless picture book that can be read from front to back or back to front.


Three monks live together at the temple, but they are constantly fighting. One day, they decide to go out into the world. But will that lead to less fighting—or more?

The Tomb of Time (Magic Mirror Series 3)

Young time-traveling adventurers Marko and Miranda attempt to stop a ruthless emperor from discovering the secret of immortality.

The Wall of Willows (Magic Mirror Series 4)

Young time-traveling adventurers Marko and Miranda attempt to save a kind-hearted prince’s life from the death order issued in error by his emperor father.

Two Wool Gloves

It’s a cold winter day, and a snowstorm is coming fast. A family of squirrels needs to find shelter. Where will they stay to keep warm?

Woodpecker Girl

SLJ Starred Review

A girl with cerebral palsy feels trapped in her body and unable to communicate. When her art teacher straps a paintbrush to her head, she begins to paint her thoughts and feelings—opening up her world. This book is based on an actual story.