Max and Friends Book 3

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Max and Friends Book 3

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Max and Teresa, one of his best friends, are always finding adventure—even the kind that might get them into trouble. But Teresa doesn’t mind. When their class goes on a fieldtrip to a local farm, Teresa convinces Max to sneak out after dark to see the baby piglets. When the mama pig voices her unhappiness, the squeals wake up the farmer and the entire class. How will Max and Teresa get out of this big, muddy mess?

Book Reviews

In Max on the Farm, we find Max, a White transgender boy, going on an overnight trip to a farm with his class, including his friend Teresa, a darker-skinned girl. Max likes playing with Teresa, even though she’s willing to flout rules to find adventure and doesn’t mind getting into (mild) trouble as a consequence. She also bends gender norms—she likes to get “really dirty” while playing outdoors and tends to be the leader in their adventures. Max is more hesitant, but ultimately has fun during their gentle mischief.… I absolutely love this book and its predecessors. The Max and Friends series should be on every elementary school and children’s library bookshelf as well as in home libraries—and with more and more television networks offering LGBTQ-inclusive children’s shows, is it too much to hope that we’ll see Max, Teresa, and Steven on our screens someday?

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