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An orange horse is desperate to find his long-lost brother, but the only clue he has is one half of an old photo. The horse decides to advertise, but the answers he gets leave him feeling hopeless. Then, one day, the orange horse meets a brown horse and they immediately become good friends. Coincidentally, the brown horse also has one half of an old photo. Could he be the long-lost brother the orange horse has been searching for?

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An orange horse is longing to meet his long-lost brother. The only clue of his brother’s identity is half of a photograph of an orange horse. The orange horse puts out a series of ads, realizing each time that the description of his brother needs to be more detailed. One day, after feeling particularly discouraged, he unexpectedly crosses paths with a brown horse on a similar quest to find a missing brother. The two form an immediate bond and are deeply disappointed that their photos do not match. However, the brown horse takes matters into his own hands and proves that they do not have to match physically to be brothers. This vibrantly illustrated picture book for young readers shares a message of appreciating difference and loving beyond constraints. The horses were not biologically related, but both found the brothers they so desired in each other. The illustrations are bold and colorful, exhibiting the energy and the highs and lows of the quest. The text is perfectly worded for early childhood and matches the paintings in detail and interest. VERDICT The myriad ways of defining family is what makes life beautiful. This is a story of not only a physical journey, but an emotional one as well that leads to a tremendous amount of personal growth and satisfaction. (October 11, 2019)

Amy Shepherd,
St. Anne’s Episcopal School, Middleton, DE

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