Authentic Stories and Illustrations
Reflecting the Voice and Vision of Children

At Reycraft Books our mission is to create books of interest for ALL children, with a special focus on #OwnVoices books. We publish original and licensed works from authors and illustrators around the globe who have unique stories to tell.

Dear Reader,

I came to the United States as a child. I can remember the sense of alienation during those early days in my new country, in a new school. I remember turning to books, searching for characters that looked like me, characters that mirrored my feelings and experiences. I remember not finding any. Those memories are at the heart of Reycraft Books.

I believe every child needs to know that their story is important—that it has value. I decided to start an imprint to publish the stories that have not yet been told, as well as the stories that have been told but have not yet been truly heard. This is my mission and my passion.

I am very proud to present to you the inaugural list from Reycraft Books—an incredible collection of beautiful fiction and nonfiction trade books with a focus on diversity and #OwnVoices authors and illustrators. As you browse through these pages you’ll find familiar, award-winning authors and illustrators and a host of inspiring new talent, each bringing their unique vision and perspective. Please let me know what you think.

— Sera Reycraft, Publisher

Best Books of the Year

by Bank Street College of Education


Spotted Tail

Outstanding Merit

This biography of Spotted Tail traces the life of the famous Lakota leader who expertly guided his people through a pivotal and tumultuous time in their nation’s history.

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Dear Abuelo

Through letters to her grandfather in Mexico, Juana details her move to New York, her first days of school, and her new friendship with a classmate who speaks both Spanish and English.

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Black Cat, Yellow Bunny

This nearly wordless book shows the slowly developing friendship between a cat and a bunny who meet on a chance encounter in the park.

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The Powwow Thief

Twins Jamie and Marie Longbow attempt to solve the mystery of their grandmother's missing necklace at a summer powwow.

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NEW Starred Reviews


Let's Swap for a Day


A child and pet enjoy trading lives for a day, until nature calls and accommodations are needed.
Alphie, a human child with pale skin and black hair, and Nini, a brown dog with pointed ears, are best friends. Sometimes, they “are jealous of each other’s life,” so one day they decide to swap. The morning goes well, with Alphie sleeping ’til noon in Nini’s dog bed and Nini attending school.

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Max on the Farm (Max and Friends Book 3)


Two friends sneak off on a late-night adventure during their class field trip in this third series installment by Stonewall Award–winner Lukoff. White, transgender boy Max and his friend Teresa, a cisgender girl of color, love making messes together. Although Max doesn’t like getting into trouble, Teresa thinks trouble is part of the fun.

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Bahar, the Lucky

SLJ Starred Review

PreS-Gr 4–The granddaughter of a rug weaver from Iran takes inspiration from his craft to compose her own gorgeous tapestry, part folktale and all heart. Bahar and her mother feel blessed that the girl’s rug weaving skills are enough to cover their daily portion of wheat and milk. One day, Bahar visits the town baths and lets out a laugh at a most inopportune moment...

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Woodpecker Girl

SLJ Starred Review

PreS-Gr 4–In simple language, Yipei Huang, a young girl in a ghostly white wheelchair, explains how her cerebral palsy may have originated, spends quiet days watching others run around playing, sees her sister romp with their puppy, and wonders what it might be like if she could sing. The authors never dip into pathos, but give the story strength with a matter-of-fact approach.

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New & Noteworthy

2020 SPUR Award Winner

Western Writers of America: 2020 Best Western Juvenile Nonfiction

Founded in 1953, Western Writers of America annually honors distinguished writing about the American West.

2019 AICL Best Books Winner

American Indians in Children's Literature

Established in 2006, AICL provides critical analysis of Indigenous peoples in children's and young adult books.

Devotion to Diversity in Children’s Book Publishing

Reycraft Books Publisher, Sera Reycraft speaks to School Library Journal about her calling to reach every child.

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Reycraft Books Editorial Team

Sera Reycraft

Korean born, Sera knows firsthand the struggles of an immigrant child in a strange land, looking to find herself reflected in the world around her. A trained architect, Sera has brought her eye for design and function to create high-quality, visually impactful, and innovative books for children that honor and respect their community, and help them build essential literacy and language skills.

Eileen Robinson

Eileen Robinson has worked with children’s writers all over the world for more than twenty years. Former Executive Editor at Scholastic and Editorial Director at Harcourt, she has acquired published works from the U.K. and Italy, and created original works for U.S. markets. She teaches the art of revision through Highlights and workshops, and is an adjunct academic advisor for Rosemont College’s publishing program.

Sunita Apte

Sunita is the half-Indian, half-Hungarian child of immigrants. She has lived and traveled in Asia, Europe, South America, and Africa. Born and raised in the southern United States, she grew up never seeing herself reflected in the books she read. To help rectify this state of affairs, she has spent thirty years in publishing working to create inclusive, compelling material for children and young adults.

Wiley Blevins

Wiley has lived throughout the United States, South America, and the Middle East. He has also worked extensively in Asia. As an author, former Editorial Director at Scholastic and McGraw-Hill, and early reading specialist, he brings three decades of experience in creating books for young readers.